SWM RS 300R and RS 500R now $500 off with bonus radiator guards and bash plate


SWM Australia is pleased to announce the SWM RS 300R and RS 500R are now $500 off the recommended retail price and come with bonus radiator braces and bash plate. This great saving with bonus accessories is on offer until September 30, 2018.


Standing alone in the off-road segment offering high-performance enduro characteristics at trail bike prices, the SWM RS 300R and RS 500R have proven to be the perfect ride for weekend warriors.


Reliable engines coupled with highly regarded KYB suspension provide riders with dependable and very capable machines that are perfect for tackling the trails and traversing off-road tracks in style.


“The introduction of the SWM RS 300R and RS 500R somewhat reinvented the enduro category,” stated SWM Australia’s Stephen Tuff.


“The SWM machines were born from Husqvarna and with the addition of KYB suspension, GET ignition and Mikuni fuel-injection, quality enduro-style off-road motorcycles are now available at very competitive price points. New SWM RS 300R and 500R owners have taken on everything from casual trail rides to enduro racing and even the Finke Desert Race.”


The introduction of the $500 price reduction and the bonus radiator guards and bash plate mean there has never been a better time to buy a new SWM RS 300R or 500R.


“With peak off-road riding season in full swing, riders can get themselves on a very competitively priced enduro bike and hit the trails without hitting the bank account with a knockout punch,” Tuff explained.


“The only downside to this offer is that it will not last. But the great thing is, riders can take advantage of the savings now and get riding while the tracks and trails are at their best.”


The combined value of the $500 price reduction and the bonus radiator guards and bash plate add up to a saving of over $900 recommended retail value.


The SWM RS 300R and RS 500R promotion will run from July 1, 2018 and end September 30, 2018.


SWM RS 300R now $7,790
SWM RS 500R now $8,490


Prices are recommended retail including GST plus on road costs from July 1, 2018 to September 30, 2018.