SWM RS 300 R review

Oct 19 2016

SWM RS 300 R review

bikesales.com.au: Oct-2016


The name might be unfamiliar but the pedigree is beyond repute – will SWM’s RS 300 R traillie coax buyers away from traditional offerings?


… For 2016 SWM Motorcycles is offering three enduro models: the RS 650 R, the RS 500 R, and the RS 300 R.


In essence these bikes are close copies of Italian-made Huskies but they’ve been built to a higher standard. That doesn’t, however, mean these models come with a sky-high price. On the contrary, the SWM RS 300 R reviewed here delivers plenty of bike for the money.


The RS 300 R is perhaps the ultimate LAMS machine. It’s entirely capable of pootling down to the shops, commuting to work or getting down and dirty on the trails come the weekend.

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